My name is Thushanthi Ponweera, but you can call me Thush! I’m from sunny Sri Lanka. If you don’t know where it is, then I suggest finding out right now. It is an amazing little island, imperfectly perfect, and my relationship with it is a huge source of creative inspiration.

Growing up with an English library of books from predominantly first-world countries, I used to think that anything worth reading should feature characters from those countries. It is only much later that I started to question this. With the encouragement from a wonderful international online writing community, I am starting to understand that we too deserve to be written about, and our stories are worth reading about. Stories are one of the most powerful ways to bridge any gaps between humanity and build empathy, and that sense of responsibility pervades my writing ethic.

Family means a lot to me, and I feel lucky to be a mother to two wonderful children, and wife to a husband who constantly tells me to pursue my dreams. So here I am, doing just that!

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