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A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection

I got some good news last week! I am Kavi has been chosen as a JLG Gold Standard Selection title, which means they will send it out to their subscribers of librarians across the United States. Something I’m so grateful for, esp owing to my physical absence in the US and not having access to libraries over there.

JLG titles are curated by our renowned editorial team who reads and reviews thousands of manuscript submissions each year (prior to publication) to choose the best, award-worthy books for our members. With nearly 95% of our selections going on to win awards, honors, starred reviews, and industry accolades, you can trust JLG to bring top-quality books to your library that will engage and appeal to your readers.


I was in Doha, sitting in the middle of a crowded food court eating pizza with the kids after an evening out to watch fireworks when I got the call from Liz Decker at Caprichos Books, one of the judges. It was the day after Eid and everyone was in a festive mood. What a memorable day and moment.

Fireworks, Corniche, Doha

So thrilled that this book of my heart is getting the recognition it deserves. And yes, that’s how much I believe in it!

Thank you JLG for loving this book. I hope your subscribers will agree too, fingers crossed.

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