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Cover reveal+ fun facts

I’m so excited to present the gorgeous cover for I AM KAVI by the über talented Australian-Japanese illustrator Emilia Niwa

A little bit about this cover’s journey:

Once an author sells a book to the publisher, the publisher finds an artist to do the cover. As a debut, I am a firm believer in letting those more experienced than me make those decisions but I was glad my editor kept me in the loop –a decision I nearly made her regret when I was aghast that Kavi was wearing a jacket! Here was a girl from Anuradhapura who had probably only felt cold during a fever! But my editor thought it looked super cool (IT DOES, DOESN’T IT?!).

Her perseverance paid off because I figured out that if Kavi is changing her entire identity (you’ll find out when you read the book btw), she’s not going to let a jacket stand in her way (she’s me in this scenario as I had to write her obvs) of fame and popularity (of the cover)!

There was already a scene where she plays dress-up with her new city friend, Sasha, so I just added a few lines, and voila! Kavi now had a denim jacket in her possession 😉

🔸The flowers in the backdrop are supposed to be මැයි මල් or Cassia Fistula which are often seen in the wild in Sri Lanka (and outside my bedroom window in Colombo!)

🔸The red and black part on top is supposed to symbolize the war/smoke.

🔸Kavi is wearing a school uniform…which does not usually include a jacket or a Discman, but hey this is Cool Kavi remember?!

🔸Two braids/plaits are commonly worn by kids here esp to school.

🔸 Kavi’s eyes kinda remind me of my own. What do you think?! Yes, no, maybe?

Anyway, if you’re trying to get in touch and I don’t reply for a while it’ll be because I’m too busy staring at this cover.

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